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Discover the medieval city of Provins, world heritage of UNESCO, with its castle and its many shows.
Land of inspiration for many authors such as Victor Hugo, Honoré de Balzac and Marcel Proust, Provins is also an exceptional witness of medieval times, full of chivalrous legends and historical adventures.


Visit Paris, its museums, its monuments, its cabarets and theatres, not to mention its gastronomy and its stores.Concentrated culture and history, Paris is the city of 1000 activities; discover life Parisienne with her lunches along the Seine, his walks and his afternoon in Montmartre. Take its small streets and passages and lose yourself in the heart of its many neighborhoods where merchants will guide you to new places kept secret.

Castle of Blandy-les-Tours

Built between the XIII and XIV century, this castle is today a place of memory of Protestantism in France.
With its six towers and a drawbridge, the castle is a historical monument in 1889.
Discover the history of this medieval fortress with its legends and customs.

Castle of Vaux-le-Vicomte

Masterpiece of the 17th century, the Castle and its one of the most beautiful gardens of France.

Discover the history of the area and its creator, Nicolas Fouquet, jailed for life by the King Louis XIV, jealous of the beauty of the Castle…

Disneyland Paris

Discover the magical world of Disney with its many attractions and shows, not mentioning its famous characters.

The Feline Park

From Europe to Asia, passing through America and Africa, you will be amazed by the famous white Tigers and could admire the grace of leopards, ocelots and lynxes.